My FunnyGo 3-axis Handheld Gimbal has arrived!

Ever since I got my GoPro I have been searching for handheld Gimbals to buy that aren’t super expensive. Gimbals are used for stablization when taking videos.  Market Prices in the Philippines range from Php15000 to Php20000 for these handheld devices. It’s like buying another GoPro!

About a month ago, I tried searching for gimbals over at ebay and sorted the results in ascending order (in terms of price). Luckily, I found a brand new three axis gimbal up for auction and the price started at $139.50 ~ Php6500.

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Bohol 2015 | Video

Two weeks after our Bohol trip, I was finally able to finish a compilation of clips taken from my GoPro Hero 4 Black. GoPros are pretty handy when traveling although to some having more accessories might be a hassle. Nonetheless, it’s so useful for those action footages especially underwater!

I’m relatively new to using the GoPro so my video’s not well organized and thought of. I’m more used to using a Fujifilm mirrorless camera for videos.

Watch in HD and enjoy the video and the song Punching in a Dream by The Naked and Famous!

Bohol 2015

I am grateful for friends who love to travel. Joey, a friend who lives in Europe is in the country for a short vacation. Every time he comes home to the Philippines, we go on an out of town trip! In 2013, we went to Boracay with his friend Allan and last year we went to Coron, Palawan. This year we’ve decided to explore Bohol. It has been pretty rainy throughout the country last week due to the super typhoon but that didn’t stop us from pushing through with our short trip.

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